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SMASH'N'BASH @ Pembrey Circuit 2011

Posted 09 September, 2011

As this was the first meeting of the year, Saturday was a try-out day to run the HPI Racing Bajas, Savage XL's, Trophy Truggies and Blitzes.

Phil Davies, Manager of the circuit, very kindly provided us with a pitting trailer, barriers, an extremely large racing area and 3 wrecker cars for our new Bash'N'Smash show.

On Saturday, No Limit and MM(ube)R gave 'big air' demo's by jumping over the wrecker cars as well as close formation Baja race-chase drag racing around our compound.

After the Truck Racing had finished for the day, No Limit RC had some fun planned for the HPI Baja bashers. Everyone trooped over to the old kart track (which is now used for drifting & a 4-wheel drive circuit). There was a natural shaped oval on very slippery and dusty tarmac, where the HPI Bajas could do some serious bashing - total mayhem! - anything from 2 to 11 Bajas on the track sliding, slipping and donuting at full throttle for about an hour. A manic end to Saturday.

There was food, drink and entertainment in the 'Formula One' bar that night, which made for a relaxing evening.

Sunday was another bright sunny day. The wrecker cars had been rearranged, and using some boards found in the trailer, a Baja wrecker-car rock-crawling course provided some fun, as well as the usual big-air jumping and Baja bashing around the track. There was good crowd attendance to watch the Truck Racing and No Limit & MM(ube)R had an appreciative audience throughout the day. The 'piece-de-resistance' - mid afternoon before the crowds started to disappear - was to line up a Baja and one of the jumps in front of one of the wreckers. The windscreen didn't last long! The open tailgate was next; the jump was lined up again - the first Baja smashed through the tailgate glass, followed by half-a-dozen others jumping through the windowless tailgate. It looked really spectacular! The windscreens and tailgates on the remaining wreckers soon went the same way. The first Bash'N'Smash was all it was cracked up to be! The only Baja damage was a steering link which popped off and which was easily reattached. A perfect end to sunny Sunday.